Visegrad Insight

Recently published, the Visegrad Insight journal is an innovative means of understanding the complexities that exist behind the Visegrad nations today. Edited by Polish quarterly Res Publica Nowa together with partners from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, the journal offers an engaging insight into the diverse opinions that exist behind the Visegrad group today. With contributions offered by experts from the region and outside, Visegrad Insight offers its readers an opportunity to debate the current issues facing the Visegrad group today. Offering a range of varied opinions, Visegrad Insight is designed to engage the reader in their understanding of the Visegrad group as whole and certain countries individually. Engaging and informative, Visegrad Insight is unique in so far as it is totally transfixed with examining the current state of the Visegrad group. Allowing for the ever changing nature of Visegrad societies, this journal is a perquisite for information into all aspects of the Visegrad group and is a great reference point for issues that will be discussed during the upcoming Visegrad Summer School, which is presented as one of the milestones of the Visegrad timeline. Wojciech Przybylski, Editor-in-chief, is alumnus of the Visegrad Summer School 2005.
Thoroughly enlightening. Keep it up!

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Prepared by Michael Green and Anna Kowalska