Welcome on board People in Focus

We are very pleased to inform you that this year the new organization People in Focus Albania" has joined the group of Partners of the Visegrad Summer School!
The upcoming edition of the project will be unique for many reasons. We will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the project, recall the history that has accompanied us from the very beginning, and also talk about the relationships that were established thanks to the Visegrad Summer School.
The 20th Visegrad Summer School will also be a new opening and a new beginning. Keeping in mind the values and experience brought by previous editions, we believe that it is time to open up to new topics and challenges. This year, for the first time, we will issue an invitation to participate in the project for young students, professionals and researchers from the Balkan countries. We strongly believe that the new openness and focus on changes in the Balkan countries will teach us to look at certain issues from a new perspective.
We are all the more pleased that we can welcome People in Focus Albania, an Albanian non-governmental, non-political and independent organization, among the group of VSS partners.  We are looking forward to future cooperation in this year's edition of the project. 
“People in Focus” is an Albanian non-governmental, non-political and independent organization established in 2014. People in Focus aim to play a particularly powerful role as an enabler and constructive challenger, creating the political and social space for collaborations that are based on the core values of trust, service and the collective good. The vision that guides the organization is the sentence: „We’re Citizens!”
Check their website and Facebook page!
People in Focus - it's good to have you on board!