21st VSS final presentations - Our planet 20 years from now

As part of the final presentations of the 21st Visegrad Summer School, participants identified the problems and challenges of the future (in the perspective of the next 20 years) as environmental changes, limited resources and destructive human activities affecting the state of our planet.

The topics of the three groups were broadly defined as:

- V4W - Future V4 water management (where our participants, depicting the ongoing changes in the reality around us and deepening social inequality, presented a scenario in which more and more people will not be able to afford clean drinking water)

- Waste Management (where our participants highlighted the growing problem of the large amount of waste produced by humans, and the consequent need to set aside places to store this waste, air/environmental pollution as a result of improper waste disposal and so-called toxic colonialism.)

- VCSD - Visegrad Center for Sustainable Development (here, our participants defined the problem as "environmental degradation and climate change affecting human security and growth prospects," taking it a step further, based on the Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), they proposed the creation of a SUSTAINABILITY CENTER with the goal of building regional capacity and resilience through: knowledge dissemination, closing the knowledge gap as well as creating synergies  in the V4 region.)